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Radiasi Alam Sdn Bhd incorporated with the purpose to provide quality and value-added services to the various industries.

Involvement in radiological safety and technology based is the core activity to the company. We offer services to serve the needs and requirements for Oil & Gas, and medical sectors. In order to established awareness to the radiological field, we could assist private and government bodies through consultation and training activities.

In conjunction with the efforts to expand its operation, participation as a supplier to the medical, laboratories, aviation and engineering sector would benefit the company to the latest technologies. With this exposure, we believe that we could offer a better quality of services.

Our Mission Statement

To provide high quality in radiation Safety consultancy services

Radiasi Alam Sdn. Bhd’s principal activities include the provision of radiation surveys, radiological analytical services and decontamination services. Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 (Act 304) : Radiation Protection Regulations (Basic Safety Standards), 2010 will be used as the guideline for the company in ensuring the health and safety of its operations.
Health and safety policy are implemented to ensure the safety of the general public and the protection of the environment.
Compliances to all the specifications and requirements imposed by the government parties are the important part to us in providing the most reliable and efficient services to the clients.


As Radiation safety Consultants company, we are proud of our expanding role in serving the radiological needs of industry, while still maintaining our total commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer our customers a wide variety of radiation safety services. Qualified, experienced and professional, our consultants staff can help you with any of the following:

Radiation Protection Officer/ Consultants Services

License Application/Amendment

Documentation for Audit Program

Radiation Safety Training for Awareness/ Refresher

Rental and Supply of Radiation Detector /survey meter

Radiation Protection Officer & Consultant Services

Radiation Protection Officer & Consultant Services

RPO /RPC Services for : AELB License holder/ AELB’S New License

The radiation Safety consultation services are services that our company could offer for the companies that involved with Industry 3 (TENORM, gauging , sales) or in any nuclear application. Listed below are the services provided :-

  • Supply permanent or temporary Radiation Protection Officer/ Consultant
  • Consultation for license application from AELB
  • Preparation on Radiation Protection Safety Program
  • Consultation monthly visit services atlicensee site or premise

Preparation for licensee AELB audit , record ,documentation etc.

This is to ensure that all safety procedures in the field of ionizing safety controls are complied with.Consultant from Radiation Alam Sdn. Bhd. will regulate all activities performed by the licensee to ensure compliance with Atomic Energy Licensing rules.

Radiological Monitoring Services

Low Specific Activity (LSA) / TENORM and Radiation Monitoring Services
This service emphasise on the monitoring activities. This service conducted in order to quantify enhanced radiation levels and to identify specific radionuclides in scale and sludge. Examining prevailing radiation levels also part of the activities and will be apply on the external and internal radiation levels, radon/thoron progeny levels, airborne radionuclides in air samples, surface contamination levels and radioactivity analysis of sludge/scale samples at offshore installations.

Radiation Decontamination Services
Besides providing the detection services, decontamination services for the facilities and areas which have been contaminated with radioactive materials also part of the services that our company could offers. The Atomic Energy Licensing will be called to closely monitor the activity of removal of the contaminants.


Radiasi Alam Sdn. Bhd. offers complete leak/wipe test services for all types of sealed sources. Leak test of the radioactive Sealed Source is one of the requirements of compliance radiation protection for the handling of sealed source radiation.

This leakage test must be performed at least once a year or when the material is deemed to be contaminated or suffered from mechanical damage. This is in line with the provisions of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 , Radiation Protection (Licensing) 1986 {P.U. (A) 149.}. which requires each radioactive material to be tested leakage annually to ensure that the material is safe to use.

Radiation Safety Awareness Training Services

Our radiation safety awareness courses are mainly aimed at operators of equipment containing a radiation source (or a device that can produce ionizing radiation (i.e. x-rays)); or other persons who may need an awareness of ionizing radiation and the safety procedures that are necessary. During the course the students are taught about radiation risks and how to put these into context.

The training provides re-assurance to operators and other persons and provides them with an understanding that provided they follow the safety rules and procedures they are safe from the effects of any exposure to ionizing radiation
To meet the requirements of radiation safety protection, we have `provided training services for the working group as follows:

  • Radiation Protection Officer/Supervisor/ Consultant
  • Radiation workers
  • NORM Awareness
  • Custom Radiation Safety Courses

Rental and Supply of Radiation Detector /survey meter

Radiasi Alam Sdn. Bhd. understands purchasing a radiation detection and measurement instrument is an expensive business, and one which you want to get right. You also may not wish to purchase a new instrument outright for a small project.
We are offers the following and accurate and portable meters available for radiation detection and measurement instruments for rent:

Rental services for radiation detection instruments. Products include radiation detectors, personal radiation dosage monitors, combination gamma radiation detectors and full range dosimeters, radiation monitors and chamber radiation monitors.

Radiasi Alam sdn. Bhd. owns a wide array of instruments which are available for rental by week or month. For availability contact Person In charge -> CLICK HERE.




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